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Forum :: Support and Features :: Why I cannot find my previous draft cheat sheet any more



I created a draft cheat sheet some time ago.And I keep updating often. But today when I login I cannot find my draft cheat sheet. What's wrong?!

9 months ago
Got the same problem

8 months ago
Is there anyone can help? Where is the admini­str­ator?!

7 months ago
Hi Both. Sorry to hear you're having some trouble. Your drafts both look normal to me, so this might be an issue with our front-end - it looks like it thinks you're logged out, when you're obviously not! I'm looking into it, and should have a fix soon.

6 months ago
It would be much easier just say where to find drafts. I was logged out and after logging in I just can't see any way to find my draft cheat sheet I was working on.

5 days ago