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Naming Convention

Rule for giving name
- letter
- numbers
- underscore _
Valid name
- _myStr
- my3
- Hello_­​there Invalid name
- 3my=”hi” -- cannot start with number
- first name=”hi”
- first-name
- first+name


Not equal
More than or equal
Less than or equal
% (Madulo)
Find the remainder

Multip­­li­c­ation and Exponents

string * number
Combine that string
string* string
number * number
Multiply (Math)
string ** string
number ** number
Exponent (Math)
string ** number

Area of Triangle

def areaOfTriangle(base, hight) :
    return 0.5 base hight

user_base = float(input("Enter the base of the triangle: "))
user_height = float(input("Enter the hight of the triangle: "))

print ("The area of the triangle is", areaOfTriangle(user_base, user_height))

def volumeOfPrism(area, high) :
    return area * high

user_prism_high = float(input("Enter the hight of the prism: "))

print ("The volume of the prism is", volumeOfPrism(areaOfTriangle(user_base, user_height), user_prism_high))

Reverse Word

while True:
    word = input("Please enter a word")
    index = 0
    reverse = ' '
    while int(index) < len(word):
        reverse = word[index] + (reverse)
        index = int(index) + 1

    print ("Reverse: ", reverse)

Sort fruit list

fruits = [] #an empty list

for number in range(5):
    user_fruit = input("Please enter a fruit")

print ("Size of fruit list is", len(fruits))


for fruit in fruits:
    print ("Fruit: ", fruit)

Countdown Machine

number = int(input("What number do you want to count down? "))
countdown_string = ' '

while number > 0:
    countdown_number = countdown_string + str(number) + " "
    number = number - 1
print (countdown_string)

Area of Circle

user_radius = input("What is a radius of a circle?")

radius = float(user_radius)

pi = float(3.1415)

area = pi(radius*2)

print ("The area of the circle is", area)

Create List

create a function name: createList
argument: quitword
return: a list

def createList(quitword):
    mylist = [] #empty list

    while True: #loop forever
        user_word = input("Please enter a list item: ")

        if user_word == quitword:
            return mylist #returns the list and exits the function

        duplicateword = False

        for item in mylist:
            if user_word == item:
                duplicateword = True

        if (duplicateword == True):
            print ("Duplicate Word!")
            mylist.append(user_word) #Adds the user_word to the end of the list
userlist = createList('stop') #Function Call
print (userlist)

Function (Ex.)

def myprint2(text, decoration): #Text and decoration is a parameter
    print (decoration + str(text) + decoration)

myprint2("Hello", "+++++")
myprint2("Hello", "-=-=-=-=")
myprint2("Hello", "<<<<<")


def isPalindrome(word):

    index = 0
    reverse = ''

    while int(index) < len(user_word):
        reverse = user_word[index] + (reverse)
        index = int(index) + 1

    if user_word == reverse:
        return True
        return False

while True:
    user_word = input("Please enter a word: ")

    if user_word == "quit":
    print("Length of the", user_word, "is", len(user_word))
    Palindrome = isPalindrome(user_word)

    if Palindrome == True:
        print (user_word, "is a Palindrome!")
        print (user_word, "is not a Palindrome")

Sort word per line

mystr = "Hello"

letter_num = 0

while letter_num < len(mystr):
    print (mystr[letter_num])
    letter_num = letter_num + 1

Convert decimal to binary

user_number = ' '

while user_number != ' 0 ' :
    user_number = input ("Enter a number to convert to binary")
    number = int(user_number)
    binary_string = ' '

    while (number > 0):
        remainder = number%2
        binary_string = str(remainder)+ binary_string
        number = number//2

    print ("Binary string is", binary_string)

Area of Circle by Function

def areaOfCircle(r):
    pi = 3.1415
    area = pi r * 2
    return area

user_radius = input("Enter the radius of the circle: ")
radius = float(user_radius)

print("The area of the circle is", areaOfCircle(radius))

Guess word game

import random

guesslist = ['grape', 'orange', 'chloroplast', 'ribosome', 'lipstick']

chance = 3
score = 0

print (guesslist)

while chance != 0:
    random_item = random.choice(guesslist)
    user_input = input("Please guess a word: ")
    if user_input == random_item:
        print ("That's correct!")
        score = score + 100
        print ("Score:", score)
        if user_input not in guesslist:
            print ("Sorry, that isn't even in the list!")
            chance = chance - 1
            print ("Chance Remaining:", chance)
            print ("Sorry, wrong choice!")
            chance = chance - 1
            print ("Chance Remaining:", chance)

if chance == 0:
    print ("The word was", random_item)
    print ("The score is", score)

Convert binary to decimal

num = str(int(input("Enter a binary to convert to decimal ")))

dec = int(num, 2)

print ("The decimal number is", dec)

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