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Cheat sheet for Google Search
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Google Ninja Cheatsheet - Basic Search

Web Search Basics

Enclose the phrase in double­-quotes ("surrey with the fringe on top")
Boolean AND
Search for all words in query. This is Google's default.
Boolean OR
Search for any of the terms. The operator is "­OR"
Boolean NOT (Negation)
Do not include results that have a specific word. The operator is "­-"
Explicit Inclusion
Make sure a stop word is included in the search. The operator is "­+".
Numeric Range
Search for numbers within a range. The operator is "..".
Partia­l-Word Wildcards
Google always implicitly uses partial word wildcards.
Full-Word Wildcards
Substitute for one full word. The operator is "­". Use multiple "­*" to search for multiple wildcards.

Using Special Syntax

Google is a full-text search engine. It indexes entire web pages rather than just titles and descri­­pt­ions. Special syntax operators allow you to specify that your query words must appear in specific parts of the web page in order to return the page as a search result.

Special Syntax Operators

Web Page Title
intitle: | allint­itle:
Web Page Body Text
intext: | allintext:
Web Page Link Anchors
Specific Web Site or Domain
Find pages that link to the specified URL
Find a copy of the page that Google has previously indexed
Search for file type extensions
Find pages that are related to the specified page
Provide a page of links to more inform­ation about a specified URL
Give you a page of defini­tions of the search word
Find movie reviews
Find music-­related inform­ation

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