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Holidays / Vacations Cheat Sheet by

Everything you will need to enjoy a trip away from home.
make     regular     scrabble     screen     electronics     cream     water     food     hat     paste     camera     wash     shampoo     conditioner     shower     deodorant     sd     batteries     money     socks     first     aid     plasters     tweezers     paracetamol     ibuprofen     blisters     bug     sun     after     diarrhea     factor     gloves     spray     documents     id     driving     travellers     cheques     currency     charger     adapter     film     lenses     hair     dryer     razor     electric     outlet     region     laptop     kindle     books     playing     toiletries     soap     cloths     products     jewellery     moisturiser     shave     up     brushes     bands     medications     anti     insect     bacterial     spares     passports     tickets     reservations     insurnace     entertainment     cards     plants     fridge     freezer     tooth     bins     leaving     home     summer     winter     sunglasses     swimming     flip     flops     sandals     goggles     scarf     thermals     walking     boots     skiing     skis     poles     snowboard     salopettes     jacket     swim     packing

Holiday - Documents

Passports / ID / Driving License
Photocopy of ID stored separately
Tickets / Reserv­ation Documents
Foreign Currency
Travellers Cheques
Credit Card
Medical Insurance Card
Travel Insurance Documents / AAA card

Holiday - First Aid / Medica­tions

Regular Medica­tions - enough for entire trip and some spares that should be stored separately
Anti-D­iarrhea Tablets
Insect Bite Cream
Bug Spray
Anti-b­act­erial Hand Gel
Plasters / Blister plaster

Holiday - To Do Before Leaving

Charge Batteries
Clear out fridge­/cu­pboards
Water Plants
Lock Windows
Wash Up
Switch off electr­onics except fridge­/fr­eezer

Holiday - Electr­oni­cs/­Ent­ert­ainment

Outlet Adapters suitable for region
Kindle / E-Reader / Books
Laptop / Charger
Camera Charger / Batteries
SD Card / Film
Phone Chargers
Hair Dryer
Electric Razor / Charger
Playing Cards / Travel boardgames

Holiday - Toiletries

Contact Lenses / Spare Glasses
Shampoo / Condit­ioner
Soap / Shower gel
Wash Cloths
Razor / Shave gel
Hair Products
Hair Brushes / Bands
Make-Up Remover
Simple Jewellery

Holiday - Winter - Skiing

High Factor Sun Screen for face
Sunglasses / Goggles
Thick Socks
Walking Boots

Holiday - Summer

Sun Hat
After Sun
Swim Wear
Flip Flops/ Sandals
Swimming Goggles

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wattslevi wattslevi, 16:47 23 Jan 12

Stealing your checkboxes. They look too cool. ☐ ^.^

[deleted] [deleted], 12:04 31 Dec 12

Holiday Cheat Sheet - Check!
Great idea, love it! :)

wiganlanebooks wiganlanebooks, 03:53 12 May 13

Great idea, and love your format.

mepkn mepkn, 06:42 7 Jul 15

Great!!! A must Have.

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