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1 Page
screen commands survival guide. Sorted by usefulness.
11 Dec 11
1 Page
A handy guide to the basic principles of Object Oriented Programming and Design. Covers standard and accepted principles, design patterns, and more! This is not intended to teach OOP, but as a reminder for those who already learned.
9 Jan 12
1 Page
DELL PERC5/i Integrated (LSI Logic MegaRAID) Emergency Cheat Sheet
25 Mar 12
linux, walkthrough, advanced, windows, dos and 8 more ...
1 Page
Unofficial Dojo 1.8 Cheat Sheet!
2 Sep 12
1 Page
1 Page
A reference to the arcane syntax of the Gnu Debugger, GDB. This cheat sheet is tailored for a reverse-engineering audience.
2 May 13
1 Page
11 Jun 13
1 Page
Don't Know Spanish? No Problema! Speak with your patients instantly! I will ask you in Spanish but I want you to respond in English. Le voy a preguntar en español pero quiero que usted responda en Inglés
11 Aug 13
language, spanish, advanced, medical, doctor and 3 more ...
1 Page
[WIP] Hopefully, this cheatsheet lists the most common functions and macros, linking them to the "Common Lisp Hyper Spec".
30 Jan 18

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