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1 Page
VBA for Excel (beginners level stuff)
13 Aug 12
1 Page
All the small things I forget when in the kitchen.
22 Nov 11
veg, vegetable, fish, sugar, eggs and 42 more ...
1 Page
Condensed from
15 Feb 12
Hiragana, Katakana, JLPT N5 kanji, particles, grammar, common verb and adjective forms, verb conjugation guide, and much more.
2 Nov 12
beginner, basic, japanese, grammar, verbs and 6 more ...
1 Page
Most writers and RPG players need a basic character sheet to help build their characters. It will list the most basic characteristics and even the personality and the characteristics of a character. Despite this being a RPG Site this character Template will be useful for Writing Fanfiction and creating whole new stories depending on what you are writing about. It will also have some listings of how experienced that character is along with a place for 'mundane tricks' to be listed at. There more.
11 Nov 16
1 Page
Visual Basic 6 - Teclas de acceso rápido
11 Sep 14
1 Page
1. Teil der "Java for Beginners"-CheatSheet Reihe. Erklärungs-Reiehnfolge/Art ist Teils von **SoloLearn**!
15 Oct 18
1 Page
Basic Cheat Sheet for Python 3
23 Apr 19
1 Page

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