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About TME520

  • I'm a degree qualified systems administrator with a solid experience in bilingual French/English technical support for Linux, Mac and Windows products. I practiced my skills on site, over the phone and via e-mails for big and small companies, as part of a team or standalone, with customers from all over the world (Russia, Senegal, USA, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Italy...).I know how to set up and manage every kind of infrastructure : traditional hardware (1:1), VMWare-style virtualization and full Cloud (AWS, Azure). I have programming skills (Bash, C, PHP, Python, PL/SQL) and I actually enjoy writing documentation (I have a professional blog). I also have extensive experience of being on duty (24/7 support, week-end shifts).I do UNIX / Linux systems administration (LAMP stacks, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Puppet, Nagios...) as well as typical IT (workstations, printers, LAN, Wi-Fi maintenance).
  • Cheatographer since 5 April, 2015.


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