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Cloud Computing Cheat Sheet by

A quick reminder of what this Cloud thing is about.
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Why "­Clo­ud" ?

Very often on diagrams, the Internet was symbolized by a nice cloud clipart. It was a convenient way to sum up the complexity of the worldwide network linking two or more LANs.

Humans (IT) and machines (IoT)

Huma­n-g­ene­rated traffic
You, me, them, us : browsing the web, sending e-mails, video-­con­fer­encing, downlo­ading, upload­ing... Good old IT.
Mach­ine­-ge­nerated traffic
Also known as the Internet of Things (IoT) : sensors, alarms, probes, detectors, devices, ... A galaxy of autonomous Cloud-­enabled equipments running some form of synthe­sized intell­igence.

1 Cloud, 3 categories

Infr­ast­ructure (IaaS)
Provides servers, OSes, virtua­liz­ation, network and storage.
Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, AT&T, Centur­yLink Technology Solutions, Cisco Systems, Clouds­caling, Comcast, EMC, GoGrid, Green Cloud Techno­logies, Hewlet­t-P­ackard, IBM, Joyent, NaviSite, Nebula, NTT Commun­ica­tions, Peak, Profit­Brick, Rackspace, Terremark.
Platform (Paas)
Provides a computing platform and a solution stack as a service.
Apprenda, CloudBees, CumuLogic, Docker, Engine Yard, Eucalyptus Systems, GigaSp­aces, Morphlabs, MuleSoft, Parallels, Piston Cloud Computing, Pivotal Software, Puppet Labs, Ravello Systems, Red Hat, RightS­cale, ScaleX­treme, Software AG, StackD­river, Xively.
Appl­ica­tio­n/S­oftware (SaaS)
Provides access to centrally hosted software.
Acumatica, Avalara, Better­Cloud, Birst, Clouda­bility, Financ­ial­Force, Google, Insightly, Intacct, Jasper­soft, Marketo, NetSuite, Oracle, Paxata, Salesf­orc­, SAP, Star2Star Commun­ica­tions, Tableau Software, Workday, Zoho.

1 Cloud, 3 types

A Cloud infras­tru­cture entirely dedicated to one company.
The services are rendered over a network that is open for public use.
A compos­ition of two or more clouds (private or public) that remain distinct entities but are bound together.

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