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dwm (english) Cheat Sheet by

Everything you have to know to feel comfortable using dwm.
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Mod1 + Shift + q : Quit dwm
Mod1 + Shift + Enter : Open a new terminal
Mod1 + p : Open dmenu




Mod1 + b : Show/hide the tags bar
Mod1 + 0 : Show/hide all tags
Mod1 + [1..n] : Show windows with tag [1..n]
Mod1 + Control + [1..n] : Add tags [1..n] to the current view
Mod1 + Shift + [1..n] : Apply tag [1..n] to the current window
Mod1 + Shift + 0 : Apply all tags from 1 to 9 to the current window
Mod1 + Ctrl + Shift + [1..n] : Add windows to tag [1..n]


Mod1 + t : Switch to tiling mode
Mod1 + f : Switch to floating mode
Mod1 + m : Maximise all windows
Mod1 + j : Set focus on next window
Mod1 + k : Set focus on previous window
Mod1 + h : Decrease the size of current window
Mod1 + l : Increase the size of current window

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