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Open Source EN by TME520

4 Cheat Sheets.

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AWK is an interpreted programming language created at Bell Labs in the 1970s,[2] and its name is derived from the family names of its authors – Alfred Aho, Peter Weinberger and Brian Kernighan.
23 Apr 15
linux, filter, editor, awk, nawk and 9 more ...
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A quick reminder of what this Cloud thing is about.
9 Apr 15
software, platform, private, it, cloud and 8 more ...
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Systemd : system state, services management, troubleshooting and runlevels.
8 Apr 15
linux, start, management, services, systemd and 7 more ...
1 Page
Everything you have to know to feel comfortable using dwm.
7 Apr 15
linux, window, manager, dwm, dynamic and 3 more ...


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          About This List

          A list of the cheat sheets I created about Open Source software.

          Published by TME520 on 3rd May, 2015.


          cheat, english, open, sheet, source


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