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Different types of hosiery Cheat Sheet by

Key concepts in hosiery. All the different types of hosiery and pantyhose in the market, from tights, stockings to socks
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What is Hosiery?

Hosiery is a term that englobes all the fashion garments you wear over your legs. Also called pantyhose (mainly in the US) and legwear, hosiery is part of the intimates, closely related to lingerie.
Hosiery is widely used by both women and men all around the world. Although most people wear hosiery in winter, people wear hosiery all year round.


Thick socks
Cotton socks
Lace socks
Fishnet socks
Ankle highs
Knee highs
Over the knee socks


Leggings are a type of all footless opaque tights. Leggings shouldn't be see-th­rough and should be worn as trousers. If they aren't fully opaque, they shouldn't be considered leggings. When leggings look like jeans, then they are called jeggings.

A picture of leggings

Source: UKTigh­ | Wolford


Tights are a single piece of garment that goes from toes to waist. Tights are the most popular garment of hosiery. You have a wide type of tights styles.
* In the US, tights are usually called stockings or pantyhose

Image of Tights

Source: UKTigh­ | Pierre Mantoux

Key Concepts in Hosiery

Opaque hosiery (High Denier)
Sheer hosiery (Low Denier_
Footless hosiery
Open toe/to­eless hosiery
Fishnet hosiery
Lace hosiery
Glossy hosiery (shiny)
Matte hosiery
Seamed hosiery
Seamless hosiery
Run/Ladder resist hosiery
Crotchless hosiery
Suppor­t/C­omp­ression hosiery
Contro­l/S­haping hosiery


Stockings go up to the thighs. They need to be worn with suspen­ders, otherwise, they will slip down.

Image of stockings

Souce: UKTigh­ | Aubade


Hold ups are stockings with a latex band, which holds the stockings without the need of suspen­ders.
* In the US, hold ups are usually called Stay Ups or Thigh Highs

Image of hold ups

Source: UKTigh­ | Girardi

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