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Key features

- Cruise is more tourism than shipping
- 14 million passengers annually
- Three main categorie: Luxury, Premium and Standard
- Trends: Larger ships and Consol­idation
- 400 large ships, thousands smaller ones

Types of ships

- Large, expensive ships, Getting bigger
- Medium and small tailor made ships
- Smaller and older are used in low price market

Largest companies

- Carnival
- Star
- Regent


- 10% tickets
- 50% sales on board
- 40% games / entert­ainment / activities


- Difficult to earn money
- Economies of scale

Compet­ition intensity

- Strong internal rivalry
- Many substi­tutes for tourists
- Many newcomers
- Low negoti­ation power for suppliers
- Many small customers
- Seasons dependent
- Cyclical

Organi­sation Management

- Complex staff on board and onshore


- Demand for high speed and comfort
- Safety

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