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Productivity Keyboard Shortcuts by

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Global shortcuts

Notifi­cation Center
Full Screen

Global shortcuts, apps

Evernote: New Item
Evernote: Paste to Item
Evernote: Clip Area or Window
Evernote: Search

WorkFlowy, viewing

Expand / Collapse
Zoom in
Zoom out
Show/hide completed
Switch pages

WorkFlowy, editing

Move up
Move doen
Edit Note


Go to Today
Toggle Sidebar

E-mail, general

Get new mail
Search for message
Toggle Mailbox List
Toggle Favorites Bar

E-mail, message

New message
Send new message
Archive message
Delete message
Search in message
Reply All

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wvervuurt wvervuurt, 10:14 3 Apr 14

Cheatography's PDF output doesn't play well with the symbols I used. If you download the Old version PDF (under Alternative Downloads), it will look as intended.

NB: Some of these shortcuts are custom, so not all will work for you directly.

DaveChild DaveChild, 11:26 3 Apr 14

Great cheat sheet, wvervuurt. I'm working on the character support in the new cheat sheets at the moment but it's proving a difficult nut to crack. I'll keep at it and let you know when it's resolved.

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