For a little over two years a new version of Cheatography, with a new PDF builder at its core, has been in the works. Enough procrastinating - time to take the cellophane off and see how it goes.

19 Feb 2014

Cheatography is now open for requests! Add your own, or support other people's requests, for cheat sheets you'd like somebody to make.

26 Feb 2012

"Live Content" is content you host on your own server, that Cheatography collects and adds to cheat sheets on a regular basis. It's great for things that change often, like league tables, stocks, sports results and even traffic and weather.

14 Feb 2012

2012 is off to a cracking start, with a record number of cheat sheets and the first Cheatography competition!

10 Feb 2012

Merry / Happy / Have a Wonderful (delete as required) Christmas / Yule / Winter Solstice / New Year (delete as required) to Cheatographers everywhere! Here's your monthly roundup.

3 Jan 2012

The first Cheatography competition! The best web development cheat sheet before the end of January wins $100!

16 Dec 2011

Month two in the world of Cheatography - more brilliant new cheat sheets, a host of site changes and the second member of the month!

3 Dec 2011

Four weeks after launch, how is Cheatography doing?

11 Nov 2011

A roundup of what happened in October - new cheat sheets, site changes and the first member of the month!

31 Oct 2011

Cheatography is a whole website dedicated to cheat sheets! Find cheat sheets that help you out, or build and share your own to help other people!

30 Oct 2011