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About DaveChild

  • Dave Child is a geek from Brighton, in the UK. He built Cheatography to provide a tool for other people to make their own cheat sheets.
  • Cheatographer since 22 June, 2010.
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  • 35 Cheat Sheets
  • 78 Cheat Sheet Pages
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Latest Cheat Sheet

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Basic gardening. How to grow some of the veg we've planted, and an approximate calendar. Also basic foraging dates and links.
26 Jun 14
fruit, vegetables, food, cucumber, garden and 6 more ...


Doug Doug, 10:02 28 Nov 11

Your regex cheatsheet says ^ is "Start of string" and $ is "End of string"

Thaoh Thaoh, 12:50 22 Nov 12

Hey, I made a tribute to your regular expression cheat sheet.. over at Hope you don't mind :3

nedzadarek nedzadarek, 18:09 15 Jun 14

Hi, your's mail start with "Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8" without "<>".

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