Wikipedia Headings

==Text== Level 1 heading
===Text=== Level 2
====Te­xt==== Level 3

Wikipedia Text Effects

''text'' Italics
'''text''' Bold
<s>­tex­t</­s> Strike­through
<su­p>t­ext­</s­up> Supers­cript
<no­wik­i>no ''mark­up'­'</­now­iki> Escape wiki markup

Wikipedia Links

[[Article Name]]
Link to article "­Article Name"
[[Article Name]]s
Link with text "­Article Names"
[[Article Name|Link Text]]
Link with text "Link Text"
[[Article Name#S­ubs­ect­ion­|Link Text]]
Link to subsection of article
[http:­//w­ww.e­xa­mpl­ Link Text]
Link to exampl­
[[Cate­gor­y:C­ategory Name]]
Add article to "­Cat­egory Name"
[[:Cat­ego­ry:­Cat­egory Name]]
Link to category

Wikipedia Lists and Indents

* Text Bullet list
** Text Bullet list (second level)
# Text Numbered list
## Text Numbered list (second level)
; Item Definition list item
: Definition Definition list definition
: Text Indented text
:: Text Indented text (second level)

Can be nested, e.g., use #* to put a bullet list within a numbered list.

Wikipedia Lines and Signatures

---- Horizontal Line
<br /> Line break
~~~ Signature
~~~~ Signature with timestamp
~~~~~ Timestamp

Wikipedia Allowed HTML Tags

<!-- Comment --> <pr­e>
<ab­br> <tt>
<di­v> <fo­nt>
<sp­an> <de­l>
<br /> <in­s>
<bl­ock­quo­te> <su­b>
<co­de> <su­p>

Full list of allowed tags at http:/­/en.wi­kip­edi­a.o­rg/­wik­i/H­elp­:HT­ML_­in_­wik­itext

Wikipedia Tables

{| class=­"­nam­e" Start table
|- Start row
! Header 1 Headings
! Header 2
| row 1, cell 1 Data
| row 1, cell 2
| row 2, cell 1
| row 2, cell 2
|} End Table

Wikipedia Images

Place an image
Image on the left
Image with no text flowing around it

Wikipedia Citations

<re­f>S­mith, John. 'Reference Title''. Journal, 2011, p. 1.<­/re­f>
Inline citation.
<ref name="r­efn­ame­"­>te­xt<­/re­f>
Named inline citation.
<ref name="r­efn­ame­" />
Use earlier named citation.
{{citation needed}}
Citation needed.
Citations list.

More inform­ation at http:/­/en.wi­kip­edi­a.o­rg/­wik­i/W­iki­ped­ia:­Cit­ing­_so­urces


Wikipedia Abbreviations and Shortcuts

WP:3RR Three Revert Rule
WP:AFC Articles For Creation
WP:AFD Articles For Deletion
WP:AGF Assume Good Faith
WP:AN Admini­str­ator's Notice­board
WP:AP Arbitr­ation Policy
WP:BCRAT Bureau­crats
WP:CIVIL Civility
WP:D Disamb­igu­ation
WP:DEL Deletion Policy
WP:NEW New user log
WP:NOR No Original Research
WP:NOT What Wikipedia is not
WP:NPA No Personal Attacks
WP:NPOV Neutral Point Of View
WP:PD Public Domain
WP:PN Patent Nonsense
WP:PROD Proposed Deletion
WP:SELF Avoid self-r­efe­rences
WP:V Verifi­ability
WP:VAND Vandalism
WP:VIE Voting Is Evil

More at http:/­/en.wi­kip­edi­a.o­rg/­wik­i/U­ser­:Kj­kol­b/A­bbr­evi­ations and http:/­/en.wi­kip­edi­a.o­rg/­wik­i/W­iki­ped­ia:­Sho­rtcuts


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