Useful Websites

Tiddlywiki Main website http:/­/ww­w.t­idd­lyw­
Tiddler Toddler Beginners guide http:/­/ti­ddl­ert­odd­ler.ti­ddl­ysp­
Tiddly­Wiki5 HTML5 and node.js version https:­//g­ith­ub.c­om­/Je­rmo­len­e/T­idd­lyWiki5

Initial Setup

After creating a new TiddlyWiki edit the following tiddlers:
Defa­ult­Tid­dlers - the tiddlers that should be displayed when opening the TiddlyWiki
Main­Menu - the items that display on the left side of the TiddlyWiki
Site­Title - the main heading in the page
Site­Sub­Title - the text following the main heading

Left Menu

To edit the menu:
1. Edit MainMenu tiddler
2. Add menu items in [[]]
3. Add separators using ----- (5 -)

ColorPalette Styles

Background Backgr­ound, title and subtitle text
Foreground Text color
Primar­yPale Interface options box
Primar­yLight MainMenu, links, bottom of header gradient
PrimaryMid MainMenu text, links, tags list, bottom of header
Primar­yDark Top right menu, tiddler buttons
Second­aryPale Code snippets background
Second­ary­Light Highlight for buttons and right menu
Second­aryMid Table titles, save box
Second­aryDark Tiddler titles
Tertia­ryPale Right hand menu, tiddler tag button
Tertia­ryLight Right hand menu borders
Tertia­ryMid Right hand menu unseleted tags
Tertia­ryDark Tiddler subtitle

Block Elements

Headings ! Heading level 1, !! Heading level 2 etc.
Unordered List * Level 1, ** Level 2, *** Level 3
Ordered List # Level 1, ## Level 2, ### Level 3
Definition List ; term, :descr­iption
Block Quotes > Level 1, >> Level 2, >>> Level 3
Prefor­matted {{{ quoted text }}} (on separate lines)

Inline Formatting

Bold ''Bold'' (pairs of double single quotes)
Italic //Ital­ics//
Underline __Unde­rline__
Strike­through --Stri­ket­hrough
Supers­cript ^Supe­rsc­ript^
Subscript ~~Subs­cript~~
Highli­ghted @@high­lig­hted@@

Special Formatting

Force a line break <br>
Create a horizontal line ----
Hide text% text % % text %
Raw HTML <ht­ml>...<­/h­tml>
Prevent wiki formatting "­"­"­Inside triple double­-qu­ote­s"""


Columns Columns delimited by |
Headings Heading text preceded by !
Colspan >
Rowspan -
Caption |The Caption|c

Adding External Links

Links to external sites can be entered in the following form:
[[NY Times|­htt­p:/­/ww­w.n­yti­]]

This displays as a link with the title "NY Times"

Tiddler Links

To add a link from tiddler to another, enclose the name of the destin­ation tiddler in [[]] for example, [[Dest­ination Tiddler Name]].

Where names are entered with multiple capital letters (WikiW­ords), a link is provided automa­tic­ally.

To prevent WikiWords from being converted to links, use a tilde (~) character at the front of the word.

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Mike Mike, 08:57 14 Feb 14

Thank you for this cheat-sheet. Came in quite handy!

Dima Dima, 14:51 18 Feb 14

Thanks! It'll be great to add some info about shadow tiddlers - for example
in a standard TiddlyWiki, the MarkupPostHead shadow tiddler contains HTML that is inserted at the end of the <head> section of the TiddlyWiki HTML.

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