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2 Pages
Tips for equalization. By frequency, by instrument with a glossary.
15 Nov 11
eq, audio, mix, beginner, equalization and 1 more ...
4 Pages
The official - unofficial AngularJS cheatsheet.
1 Page
Getting started with Tiddlywiki (
1 Page
List of common jQuery selectors. I had compiled this list a while ago into a word document but do not remember the source now.
24 Dec 11
2 Pages
Cheat Sheet for the Mercurial distributed source version control management tool. System.
15 Aug 12
development, commandline, hg, code, beginner and 4 more ...
1 Page
Textbook Summary of Corporate Financial Accounting 10e, Ch 1, by Warren/Reeve/Duchac.
30 Jan 12
1 Page
A simple Pillar syntax cheat sheet
2 Pages
VI Editor shortcuts and modes.
24 Feb 12
2 Pages
Hand ranks, out odds and the basic play for Texas Holdem, Five Card Draw and Seven Card Stud.
5 Apr 13
games, beginner, texas, draw, cards and 5 more ...
1 Page
Everything you need to do before launching your Drupal theme. Useful for site builders who are creating public Web sites and themers who are selling their Drupal themes.
2 Pages
Ãœbersicht der wichtigsten Tags, Attribute und Strukturen
29 Nov 12
html, web, beginner, html5, markup and 3 more ...
2 Pages
Unofficial Dojo 1.8 Cheat Sheet!
2 Sep 12
1 Page
The basic use cases for interacting with svn using git. (Based on )
22 Jan 13
beginner, git, svn, version-control, scm and 1 more ...
2 Pages
The famed Couch to 5K running plan from, with a continuation plan for 10k runs.
12 Feb 12
1 Page
Yoga poses cheat sheet
2 Pages
A syntax reference for ColdFusion cfscript. Created this little reference after seeing Pete Freitag's cheat sheet at, and modeled this after his.
1 Page
Textbook Summary of Corporate Financial Accounting 10e, Ch 1, by Warren/Reeve/Duchac.
31 Jan 12
2 Pages
Firefox cheat sheet for MacOSX based on Firefox version 13
15 Jul 12
5 Pages
The following strings will be replaced by LimeSurvey when parsing the template file and presenting it to survey users. These field strings will work on almost every template except for the 'Completed Page'.
2 Pages
einfache Ãœbersicht Cascading Style Sheets (CSS2.1)
1 Page
Cheat sheet with commonly used constructions in Makefiles based on GNU Make
1 Page
API reference for Q Node.js Module
28 Dec 13
1 Page
All the other Emacs cheat sheets are too exhaustive and cumbersome. This is for people who just need to get in, make a few edits, and get out. This is not intended to be a guide for the power user or developers.
Hiragana, Katakana, JLPT N5 kanji, particles, grammar, common verb and adjective forms, verb conjugation guide, and much more.
Basic French expressions, questions for gathering information or asking for help, and phrases to use in a restaurant, dates and numbers.
How the Pawns and Pieces in Chess move and capture.

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