* All
element Element
.class Class
#id ID


[name] Has Attribute
[name|­="va­lue­"] Contains Prefix (before hyphen (-))
[name*­="va­lue­"] Contains
[name~­="va­lue­"] Contains Word
[name^­="va­lue­"] Starts With
[name$­="va­lue­"] Ends With
[name=­"­val­ue"] Equals
[name!­="va­lue­"] Not Equal
[name=­"­v"][­nam­e2=­"­v2"] Multiple Attributes


:button Button
:checkbox Checkbox
:submit Submit
:text Text
:password Password
:radio Radio
:reset Reset
:file File
:image Image
:input input, textarea, select and button elements


:conta­ins­(text) Elements that contain the specified text.
:eq(n) Element at index n within the matched set.
:gt(n) Elements at an index greater than n within the matched set.
:lt(n) Elements at an index less than index within the matched set.
:has(s­ele­ctor) Elements which contain at least one element that matches the specified selector.
:not(s­ele­ctor) Elements that do not match the given selector.
:nth-c­hild() Elements that are the nth-child of their parent.
:empty Elements that have no children (including text nodes).
:even Even elements, zero-i­ndexed.
:first The first matched element.
:header Elements that are headers, like h1, h2, h3 and so on.
:last The last matched element.
:odd Odd elements, zero-i­ndexed.

Element State

:checked Checked
:animated Animated
:disabled Disabled
:enabled Enabled
:focus Focused
:selected Selected
:visible Visible
:hidden Hidden


parent > child Direct child elements specified by "­chi­ld" of elements specified by "­par­ent­".
ancestor descendant Elements that are descen­dants of a given ancestor.
selector1, selector2, selectorN Combined results of all the specified selectors.
prev + next Next elements matching "­nex­t" that are immedi­ately preceded by a sibling "­pre­v".
prev ~ siblings Sibling elements that follow after the "­pre­v" element, have the same parent, and match the filtering "­sib­lin­gs" selector.
:first­-child Elements that are the first child of their parent.
:last-­child Elements that are the last child of their parent.
:only-­child Elements that are the only child of their parent.
:parent Elements that are the parent of another element, including text nodes.

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DaveChild DaveChild, 09:07 24 Dec 11

I know this will make a lot of people very happy - a jQuery cheat sheet has been requested for a long time! Good job :)

Ben23 Ben23, 09:27 14 Jun 12

Should probably be called 'jQuery Selector Cheat Sheet' as it only covers that topic. Useful though, thanks,

simoneast simoneast, 08:01 8 Aug 12

Yeah, as Ben said it is only jQuery "selectors" - which are basically CSS selectors with a few helpful additions.

lek lek, 08:19 13 Aug 12

This will be great to some other beginners, like me.

Steen Steen, 21:43 11 Oct 12

Hmm, maybe it would be good to have the methods listed with args too. This is what I look up the most.

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