Regular Expressions Syntax

^ Start of string
$ End of string
. Any single character
(a|b) a or b
(...) Group section
[abc] In range (a, b or c)
[^abc] Not in range
\s White space
a? Zero or one of a
a* Zero or more of a
a*? Zero or more, ungreedy
a+ One or more of a
a+? One or more, ungreedy
a{3} Exactly 3 of a
a{3,} 3 or more of a
a{,6} Up to 6 of a
a{3,6} 3 to 6 of a
a{3,6}? 3 to 6 of a, ungreedy
\ Escape character
[:punct:] Any punctu­ation symbol
[:space:] Any space character
[:blank:] Space or tab

There's an excellent regular expression tester at: http:/­/re­gex­

Pattern Modifiers

g Global match
i * Case-i­nse­nsitive
m * Multiple lines
s * Treat string as single line
x * Allow comments and whitespace in pattern
e * Evaluate replac­ement
U * Ungreedy pattern

* PCRE modifier

JavaScript RegExp Object

compile() lastParen
exec() leftCO­ntext
global multiline
ignoreCase rightC­ontext
input source
lastIndex test()

JavaScript Event Handlers

onAbort onMous­eDown
onBlur onMous­eMove
onChange onMouseOut
onClick onMous­eOver
onDblClick onMouseUp
onDragDrop onMove
onError onReset
onFocus onResize
onKeyDown onSelect
onKeyPress onSubmit
onKeyUp onUnload

JavaScript Arrays

concat() slice()
join() sort()
length splice()
pop() toSource()
push() toString()
reverse() unshift()
shift() valueOf()

JavaScript Numbers and Maths

abs() min()
asin() PI
atan2() pow()
ceil() random()
cos() round()
E sin()
exp() sqrt()
floor() SQRT1_2
LN2 tan()
log() toSource()
LOG10E toExpo­nen­tial()
LOG2E toFixed()
max() toPrec­ision()
MAX_VALUE toString()
MIN_VALUE valueOf()

JavaScript Booleans

toSource() valueOf()

JavaScript Dates

Date() setMonth()
getDate() setFul­lYear()
getDay() setHours()
getMonth setMin­utes()
getFul­lYear setSec­onds()
getYear setMil­lis­eco­nds()
getHours setTime()
getMinutes setUTC­Date()
getSeconds setUTC­Day()
getMil­lis­econds setUTC­Month()
getTime setUTC­Ful­lYear()
getTim­ezo­neO­ffset() setUTC­Hours()
getUTC­Date() setUTC­Min­utes()
getUTC­Day() setUTC­Sec­onds()
getUTC­Month() setUTC­Mil­lis­eco­nds()
getUTC­Ful­lYear() toSource()
getUTC­Hours() toString()
getUTC­Min­utes() toGMTS­tring()
getUTC­Sec­onds() toUTCS­tring()
getUTC­Mil­lis­eco­nds() toLoca­leS­tring()
parse() UTC()
setDate() valueOf()

JavaScript Strings

charAt() slice()
charCo­deAt() split() x
concat() substr()
fromCh­arC­ode() substr­ing()
indexOf() toLowe­rCase()
lastIn­dexOf() toUppe­rCase()
length toLoca­leL­owe­rCase()
locale­Com­pare() toLoca­leU­ppe­rCase()
match() x toSource()
replace() x valueOf()
search() x

String object methods with an x support regular expres­sions.

JavaScript Functions

decode­URI() isNaN()
decode­URI­Com­pon­ent() Number()
encode­URI() parseF­loat()
encode­URI­Com­pon­ent() parseInt()
escape() String()
eval() unescape()

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