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How To Build a Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is a free quick-reference guide to, well, anything. It is usually made up of a collection of boxes of content. To make a cheat sheet, you create or find the boxes of content you want to use, and then arrange them.

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The building block of a cheat sheet is a content block. You don't have to create your own content to build a cheat sheet - you can make one by combining any bits of content on the site. When you find a content block you want to use, you can add it to any one of your cheat sheets, or to a new cheat sheet.

You can make your own content blocks too. You create a new block of content by going to the new content page.

When you want to build a new cheat sheet, you give it a name, pick a colour for it, and then add and arrange your content blocks.

A cheat sheet starts out as a draft, so you can work on it privately until you're ready to show it off. When it's finished, you set it live to let everyone else see it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need to "publish" my cheat sheet?

    Publishing your cheat sheet means it goes from a draft status, where only you can see it, to a published status, where everybody can. You can still edit your cheat sheet after you've published it. The most recently published cheat sheets are very prominent on the site, so best to wait until you're happy with your work to publish it.

  • Can I use images or video in my cheat sheet?

    Yes, you can! There are two block types for media - images and video. Images are uploaded to the site, and will be added to the PDF versions. Videos can be linked to on YouTube or Vimeo, but aren't added to PDFs - instead, we add a link to the video.

  • Can I see examples of the different block types?

    Yes! There (almost inevitably) is a cheat sheet for making cheat sheets on Cheatography. How wonderfully cyclical.

  • What happened to the "content blocks"?

    The first version of Cheatography had the blocks of content on a page available independently of cheat sheets, but this was making the creation of cheat sheets too complicated and slow, so we made it simpler. The content blocks are still there, but now you add and edit them directly from the cheat sheet page.

Tips! Do:

  • Ask for feedback! Fresh eyes can help you identify areas that need more detail.

  • Pick a dark colour! A dark colour makes your cheat sheet easier to read.

  • Proofread! Once your brand new cheat sheet has been downloaded hundreds of times, realising you made an obvious, terrible typo on an important line is very frustrating.

Tips! Don't:

  • Don't copy content! Make sure you post content you write yourself or that you have permission to use.

  • Don't publish too soon! You only get to publish once, and when you publish your cheat sheet will be seen all over the site, so make it count and make sure your cheat sheet is right before you publish!

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