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2 Pages
A cheat sheet of the commands I use most for Linux, with popup links to man pages.
28 Oct 11
bash, nano, linux, ls, commandline and 4 more ...
2 Pages
A mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet - a quick reference guide for mod_rewrite, with rewrite flags, regular expression syntax and sample rules.
19 Oct 11
2 Pages
A quick guide to Metasploit and Meterpreter that will stay updated.
2 Pages
DELL PERC5/i Integrated (LSI Logic MegaRAID) Emergency Cheat Sheet
25 Mar 12
linux, walkthrough, advanced, windows, dos and 8 more ...
2 Pages
Still work in progress, comments welcome.inspired by interesting:
8 Jul 13
linux, shortcuts, unix, terminal, tmux and 2 more ...
1 Page
Keyboard shortcuts and expansion reference.
2 Pages
VI Editor shortcuts and modes.
24 Feb 12
1 Page
Most common keyboard shortcuts for Sublime Text 2 on Linux
1 Page
NERD tree (4.2.0) quickhelp
1 Page
screen commands survival guide. Sorted by usefulness.
3 Pages
rsync is a file transfer program capable of efficient remote update via a fast differencing algorithm.
27 Mar 12
linux, command, rsync, file, line and 1 more ...
1 Page
curl is the most powerful command in linux
1 Page
Bash Linux Command Line Keyboard Shortcuts. Reference:
2 Pages
Common commands for administering users and groups on a *nix environment.
19 Dec 11
linux, unix, -nix, passwd, usermod and 4 more ...
2 Pages
Keyboard shortcuts for the Ubuntu Unity Desktop.
2 Pages
Software development reference for Git, Maven and Bash commands.
8 Apr 14
bash, linux, git, unix, maven and 1 more ...
1 Page
Shortcuts for bash shell.
1 Page
Keyboard shortcuts for Sublime Text 2 on Linux.
18 Jul 13
linux, shortcuts, keyboard, editor, sublime and 1 more ...
2 Pages
Key combinations for the Compose key, based on a default Ubuntu character setup.
6 Jun 14
linux, ubuntu, shortcuts, keyboard, compose and 1 more ...
1 Page
Performing basic tasks in CentOS
1 Page
Joe's own editor
17 Jul 14
bash, linux, editor, text, terminal and 1 more ...
4 Pages
For custom mappings check:
1 Page
cmus is a small ncurses based music player. It supports various output methods by output-plugins.
1 Page
Keyboard shortcuts for xterm compatible terminal emulators.
2 Pages
Programy i opcje służące do archiwizacji w Linuksie
1 Page
Tabele przedstawiają różne możliwości kompresj danych w systemach Linux
Terminal commands for modes and controls, inserting text, cursor navigation, deleting text, searching and replacing.
This cheat sheet contains short tables of commonly used items in the Bash shell.
An excellent, comprehensive reference for the Z Shell (zsh) available in ODT or PDF formats.

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