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Database Commands

Conn­ect db_connect
Disc­onn­ect db_dis­connect
Export Database db_export
Import Scan Result db_import
Status of Database db_status
Display Hosts hosts
Display Loot loot
Display Notes notes
Display Services services
Display Vulner­abi­lit­ies vulns
Switch Between Worksp­aces workspace
NMAP Scan into Database db_nmap

Core Commands

Display Help ? or help
Go Back back
Change Direct­ory cd
Toggle Color color
Comm­unicate with a Host connect
Exit Metasp­loit exit
Display Info of Module info
Go into irb irb
Display and Manage Jobs jobs
Stop a Job kill
Load a Plugin load
Load a Plugin from Path loadpath
Print Commands Entered to a Path makerc
Set Previous Module as Current Module previous
Pops the Latest Module Off of the Module Stack and Makes it Active popm
Pushes the Active or List of Modules onto the Module Stack pushm
Quit the Console quit
Run Commands Stored in a File resource
Route Traffic Through a Connec­tion route
Save Datast­ores save
Search for Modules search
Dump Session Listings and Display Inform­ation about Sessions sessions
Set Variable of a Module set
Set a Global Variable setg
Display Modules of a Type, or All Modules show
Do Nothing for X Seconds sleep
Write All Output to a Files spool
Mani­pulate Threads threads
Unload a Plugin unload
Unset a Variable unset
Unset a Global Variable unsetg
Use a Module (by Name) use
Show Metasploit Info version

Meterpreter Core and File System

Back­ground the Current Session background
Kill a Background Meterp­reter Script bgkill
Displays Info About Active Channels channel
Close a Channel close
Disables Encoding of Unicode Strings disabl­e_u­nic­ode­_en­coding
Enable Encoding of Unicode Strings enable­_un­ico­de_­enc­oding
Exit Meterp­reter Shell exit
Display Help help
Display Info About Active Post Module info
Interact with a Channel interact
Drop into irb Scripting Mode irb
Load One or More Meterp­reter Extens­ions load
Migrate the Server to Another Process migrate
Term­inate the Meterp­reter Sessions quit
Reads Data from a Channel read
Run the Commands Stored in a File resource
Executes a Meterp­reter Script or Post Module run
Write Data to a Channel write
Read the Contents of a File to the Screen cat
Change Direct­ory cd
Download File to Your Computer download
Edit a File edit
Print Local Working Direct­ory getlwd
Print Working Direct­ory getwd
Change Local Working Direct­ory lcd
Print Local Working Direct­ory lpwd
List Files ls
Make Direct­ory mkdir
Print Working Direct­ory pwd
Delete the Specified File rm
Remove Direct­ory rmdir
Search for Files search
Upload File to Target upload

Meterpreter User Interface Commands

List All Accessible Desktops and Window Stations enumde­sktops
Get the Current Meterp­reter Desktop getdesktop
Display the Amount of Time the User has been Idle idletime
Start Capturing Keystr­okes keysca­n_start
Stop Capturing Keystr­okes keysca­n_stop
Dump the Keystroke Buffer keysca­n_dump
Scre­enshot of the GUI screenshot
Change the Meterp­reters Current Desktop setdesktop
Control Some of the User Interface Compon­ents uictl

Meterpreter System Commands

Clear the Event Log clearev
Reli­nqu­ishes Any Active Impers­onation Token drop_token
Execute a Command execute
Get the Current Process Identi­fier getpid
Attempt to Enable All Privileges Available to the Current Process getprivs
Get the User that the Server is Running as getuid
Term­inate a Process kill
List Running Proces­ses ps
Reboots the Remote Computer reboot
Interact with the Remote Registry reg
Calls Revert­ToS­elf() on the Remote Machine rev2self
Drop into a System Command Shell shell
Shuts Down the Remote Computer shutdown
Attempt to Steal an Impers­onation Token from the Process steal_­token
Gets Inform­ation About the Remote System sysinfo

Meterpreter Priv Commands

List Webcams webcam­_list
Take a Snapshot from the Specified Webcam webcam­_snap
Attempt to Elevate your Priviledge to that of Local System getsystem
Dumps the Contents of the SAM Database hashdump
Mani­pulate MACE Attrib­utes timestomp

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