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Cheat Sheets

2 Pages
VI Editor shortcuts and modes.
24 Feb 12
1 Page
NERD tree (4.2.0) quickhelp
2 Pages
Comprehensive VIM Cheat Sheet information sourced from:
2 Pages
My very own cheatsheet for advanced vim on Rails and JS
26 May 14
2 Pages
These are my personal shortcuts for *vim*. If you want to try it, just grab a copy of my configuration on GitHub:
1 Page
Eclipse short cuts that aren't covered by Vim via Vrapper
3 Pages
Podstawowe zagadnienia dotyczące użytkowania edytora tekstu VIM (VI).Plik stworzony przez Artura Oczkowskiego.
2 Pages
Vim + plugins (ctrlp, surround,gundo)
4 Pages
For custom mappings check:
1 Page
A list of commands for my vim plugins and terminal
1 Page
commands for developing rails in vim
2 Pages
CheatSheet about my plugin installation
22 Sep 14
1 Page
Keys combination and other notes while exploring's "The Ultimate Vim Distribution"

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