mod_rewrite RewriteRule Flags

C Chained with next rule
CO=cookie Set specified cookie
E=var:­value Set enviro­nmental variable “var” to “value”
F Forbidden (403 header)
G Gone - no longer exists
H=handler Set handler
L Last - stop processing rules
N Next - continue processing
NC Case insens­itive
NE Do not escape output
NS Ignore if subrequest
P Proxy
PT Pass through
R[=code] Redirect to new URL, with optional code (see below)
QSA Append query string
S=x Skip next x rules
T=mime­-type Set mime type

mod_rewrite RewriteCond Flags

NC Case insens­itive
OR Combine with next rule using 'OR' instead of the default of 'AND'

Redirection Header Codes

301 Moved perman­ently
302 Moved tempor­arily (default)

mod_rewrite Directives


Regular Expressions Syntax

^ Start of string
$ End of string
. Any single character
(a|b) a or b
(...) Group section
[abc] In range (a, b or c)
[^abc] Not in range
\s White space
a? Zero or one of a
a* Zero or more of a
a*? Zero or more, ungreedy
a+ One or more of a
a+? One or more, ungreedy
a{3} Exactly 3 of a
a{3,} 3 or more of a
a{,6} Up to 6 of a
a{3,6} 3 to 6 of a
a{3,6}? 3 to 6 of a, ungreedy
\ Escape character
[:punct:] Any punctu­ation symbol
[:space:] Any space character
[:blank:] Space or tab

There's an excellent regular expression tester at: http:/­/re­gex­

mod_rewrite Server Variables: HTTP Headers


mod_rewrite Server Variables: Server Internals


mod_rewrite Sample Rule: Site Moved

# Site moved perman­ently
Rewrit­eCond %{HTTP­_HOST} ^www.d­oma­$ [NC]
Rewrit­eRule ^(.*)$ http:/­/ww­w.d­oma­$1 [R=301,L]

Rewrites to domain­

mod_rewrite Sample Rule: Temporary Page Move

# Page has moved tempor­arily
Rewrit­eRule ^page.h­tml$ new_pa­ge.html [R,NC,L]

Rewrites­m/p­age.html to­m/n­ew_­pag­e.html

mod_rewrite Sample Rule: Nice URLs

# Nice URLs (no query string)
Rewrit­eRule ^([A-Z­a-z­0-9­-]+)/?$ catego­rie­s.p­hp?­name=$1 [L]

Rewrites­m/c­ate­gor­y-n­ame-1/ to­m/c­ate­gor­­p?n­ame­=ca­teg­ory­-name-1

mod_rewrite Server Variables: Special


mod_rewrite Server Variables: Request


mod_rewrite Server Variables: Time


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Beau Garcia Beau Garcia, 10:01 23 Feb 12

Nice work Dave. One of the better references I've found.

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thanks sir . i am beginner in web developing. thanks for help . i will use your code for rewrite my query string

panzz panzz, 08:43 16 Feb 13

what is ungreedy mean ?

Marvin Giron Marvin Giron, 10:32 29 May 13

I have a question: ¿How can I write a rule what redirect from a URL to URL:PORT

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