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Accounts & Profiles

25 Accounts per login Can create a max of 25, a login can be given access to unlimited accounts
50 Profiles per account  
100 Custom reports per account Custom report at login access
20 Goals per profile  
100 Custom Segments per login  
5 Custom Vars GA Premium:50
20 Custom Dimensions *Universal Analytics; Ga Premiu­m:200
200 Custom Metrics *Universal Analytics
25 Data Sources per property *Universal Analytics


4 Advanced segments (applied at same time)
5 Report tabs (added to a custom report)
5 Metric Groups (added to a custom report)
5 Dimensions Drilldowns (added to a custom report)
5 Filters (added to a custom report)
10 Metrics (added to a custom report)


50.000 rows above this limit, data is aggregated in "­oth­er"
20.000 data export limit  
10.000 rows via API  


500 per Session same por Premium
1 million per profile per day GA Premium:
10 million pageviews per month GA Premium:1 billion


50.000 Requests per project per day
10 Queries per second per IP
4 Requests per IP
10.000 Requests per profile per day
10 Requests per profile


500.000 / 1 mill Special Queries / Unique dimensions combin­ations Above this limit, data is sampled
50 mill Unique dimensions combin­ations GA Premiu­m:Above this limit, data is sampled


128 characters in a Custom Var  
256 characters in a Regex  
255 cchara­cters in Filters Pattern  


30 minutes utmb cookie  
6 months utmz cookie *can be changed in the ui
1 Adsense associate accounts  
Unlimited Adwords associate accounts  
2 years Data storage  

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Anne Anne, 14:52 13 Feb 14

Number of scheduled reports per view/login - I think this is about 20

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