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Google Analytics Limits Cheat Sheet by Nikalytics

Google Analytics limits

Accounts & Profiles

25Accounts per loginCan create a max of 25, a login can be given access to unlimited accounts
50Profiles per account
100Custom reports per accountCustom report at login access
20Goals per profile
100Custom Segments per login
5Custom VarsGA Premium:50
20Custom Dimensions*Universal Analytics; Ga Premiu­m:200
200Custom Metrics*Universal Analytics
25Data Sources per property*Universal Analytics


4Advanced segments (applied at same time)
5Report tabs (added to a custom report)
5Metric Groups (added to a custom report)
5Dimensions Drilldowns (added to a custom report)
5Filters (added to a custom report)
10Metrics (added to a custom report)


50.000rowsabove this limit, data is aggregated in "­oth­er"
20.000data export limit
10.000rows via API


500per Sessionsame por Premium
1 millionper profile per dayGA Premium:
10 millionpageviews per monthGA Premium:1 billion


50.000Requestsper project per day
10Queriesper second per IP
4Requestsper IP
10.000Requestsper profile per day
10Requestsper profile


500.000 / 1 millSpecial Queries / Unique dimensions combin­ationsAbove this limit, data is sampled
50 millUnique dimensions combin­ationsGA Premiu­m:Above this limit, data is sampled


128characters in a Custom Var
256characters in a Regex
255cchara­cters in Filters Pattern


30 minutesutmb cookie
6 monthsutmz cookie*can be changed in the ui
1Adsense associate accounts
UnlimitedAdwords associate accounts
2 yearsData storage

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Anne Anne, 14:52 13 Feb 14

Number of scheduled reports per view/login - I think this is about 20

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