Search - Notebooks

Include notebo­ok:­My­Notes
Multi-word notebo­ok:­"My Notes­"

This must be the 1st search term.

Search - Tags

Include tag:M­yTag
Exclude -tag:­MyTag
Wildcard tag:M­yTag*
Multi-­words tag:"My Tag"
Tagged notes tag:*
Untagged notes -tag:*

For wildcard, the asterisk must be at the end. There is no way to combine wildcard with multi-­words.

Search - To Do

Any todo:*
Unchecked todo:false
Checked todo:true

Search - Source

Email source­:ma­il.smtp
Web page source­:we­b.clip
Mobile source­:mo­bile.*
Applic­ation source­:app.*
Delicious source­:de­licious

Search - Resource

Audio resour­ce:­audio/*
Image resour­ce:­image/*
GIF resour­ce:­ima­ge/gif
Ink resour­ce:­app­lic­ati­on/­vnd.ev­ern­
PDF resour­ce:­app­lic­ati­on/pdf
Handwr­iting recoTy­pe:­han­dwr­itten
To do todo:*
Encryption encryp­tion:
Attachment attach­men­t:true
Tag tag:*

Search - General

Include MyText
Exclude -MyText
Wildcard MyTe*
Multiple words "My Text"

This will search the body, title, and tag attrib­utes.

Search - Other

Title intitl­e:­MyText
OR search any:M­yText "­Other text"

Search - Dates

Created date create­d:day
Updated date update­d:day
Day terms
Date 20120704
Date and time 201207­04T­090000
Date and time (GMT) 201207­04T­090000Z
Today day
Yesterday day-1
30 days ago day-30
This week week
Last week week-1
This month month
Last month month-1
This year year
Last year year-1
Created yesterday (only) -creat­ed:day create­d:day-1
Updated on July 4th, 2012 update­d:2­0120704
Updated last year (only) -updat­ed:year update­d:y­ear-1
Older than a year -creat­ed:year

Will match any note that has a timestamp that is equal to, or more recent than, the provided datetime.


EN - Mac Global Shortcuts

New note ⌃⌘N
Paste to Evernote ⌃⌘V
Clip rectangle ⌃⌘C
Find in Evernote ⌃⌘E

You must have the Evernote Helper running for these to work.

EN - PC Global Shortcuts

New note Ctrl+Alt+N
Find in Evernote Win+Sh­ift+F
Capture screen Win+Pr­int­S­creen
Copy selection Win+A
Past clipboard Ctrl+Alt+V

Evernote must be running in the system tray.

EN - Limits

Account Limits
Tags 100,000
Notebooks 250
Saved searches 100
Notes 100,000
Upload limit/­month 1 GB (or 60 MB)
Linked notebooks 100
Shared notebooks 250
Note limits
Tags 100
Resources 1,000
Size 50MB (or 25MB)
Field limits
Tag name 100 chars
Note title 255 chars
Notebook name 100 chars
Saved search name 100 chars

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