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Pillar Cheat Sheet by

A simple Pillar syntax cheat sheet
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!Header 1
!!Header 2
!!!Header 3

Special Paragraphs

@@note this is a note
@@todo this is todo


- Unordered List
# Ordered List
; Descri­ption Term
: Descri­ption Definition

Text Formats



% each line starting with % is ignored


|| Centered Cell
|!| Centered Title
|{ Left-A­ligned Cell
|} Right-­Aligned Cell


Internal Link
External Link




Transcript show: 'Hello World'.


injects raw \LaTeX in your output file

injects raw <b>­htm­l</­b> in your output file

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foobar foobar, 08:15 14 Jan 14

Thank you Ben. Some comments:

- No space after the !!!
- The "Table" section is wrong
- for the Raw, you could add some latex, markdown and html code inside
- for the code blocks you could be a bit more explicit "language=Smalltalk|label=helloScript|caption=How to print ==Hello World=="

foobar foobar, 08:21 14 Jan 14

Pier --> Pillar

Damien Cassou Damien Cassou, 15:08 13 Feb 14

I think that the "table" section is still wrong.

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