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1 Page
Equations commonly used in Discrete Math
30 Oct 13
1 Page
1 Page
All of us have fond memories of our favorite teachers. We wonder now what secret they possessed that made them seem so wonderful. How did they mold our minds so well? Did they perhaps have good teacher resources they kept on hand, or was it all just in their brain?
29 Mar 19
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You’re standing in a long line at the grocery store, they are having problems with their registers and it is almost dinner time. You have your daughter in the cart that starts to realize she is getting hungry and bored. She starts moving around and complaining, which you know are the signs that if you don’t do something now, a meltdown is about to happen. What do you do? Reach for your iPhone and put on one of these fun learning apps: problem solved.
3 Jan 19
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A guide to some common terms used in the food industry
23 Mar 16

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