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HTTP Status Codes Cheat Sheet by kstep

HTTP Status Codes

HTTP Inform­ational Codes (1xx)

101Switching Protocols
102Processing WebDAV
103Checkpoint draft POST PUT
122Reques­t-URI too long IE7

HTTP Successful Codes (2xx)

203Non-Au­tho­rit­ative Inform­ation 1.1
204No Content
205Reset Content
206Partial Content
207Multi-­Status WebDAV 4918
208Already Reported WebDAV 5842
226IM Used 3229 GET

HTTP Redire­ction Codes (3xx)

300Multiple Choices
301Moved Perman­ently
303See Other 1.1
304Not Modified
305Use Proxy 1.1
306Switch Proxy unused
307Temporary Redirect 1.1
308Resume Incomplete draft PUT POST

HTTP Client Error Codes (4xx)

400Bad Request
402Payment Required res
404Not Found
405Method Not Allowed
406Not Acceptable
407Proxy Authen­tic­ation Required
408Request Timeout
411Length Required
412Precon­dition Failed
413Request Entity Too Large
414Reques­t-URI Too Long
415Unsupp­orted Media Type
416Requested Range Not Satisf­iable
417Expect­ation Failed
418I'm a teapot 2324
422Unproc­essable Entity WebDAV 4918
423Locked WebDAV 4918
424Failed Dependency WebDAV 4918
425Unordered Collection 3648
426Upgrade Required 2817
428Precon­dition Required draft
429Too Many Requests draft
431Request Header Fields Too Large draft
444No Response nginx
449Retry With MS
450Blocked By Windows Parental Controls MS
451Unavai­lable For Legal Reasons draft
499Client Closed Request nginx

HTTP Server Error Codes (5xx)

500Internal Server Error
501Not Implem­ented
502Bad Gateway
503Service Unavai­lable
504Gateway Timeout
505HTTP Version Not Supported
506Variant Also Negotiates 2295
507Insuff­icient Storage WebDAV 4918
508Loop Detected WebDAV 5842
509Bandwidth Limit Exceeded nostd
510Not Extended 2774
511Network Authen­tic­ation Required draft
598Network read timeout error nostd
599Network connect timeout error nostd

HTTP Code Comments

WebDAVWebDAV extension
GET, POST, PUT, POSTFor these methods only
IEIE extension
MSMS extension
nginxnginx extension
2518, 2817, 2295, 2774, 3229, 4918, 5842RFC number
draftProposed draft
nostdNon standard extension
resReserved for future use
unusedNo more in use, deprecated

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kstep kstep, 11:18 11 Jan 12

Note to self: review content in accordance with and RFCs.

DaveChild DaveChild, 17:07 24 Jan 12

Great cheat sheet, kstep! Very handy!

Martijn Oud Martijn Oud, 12:39 26 Jan 12

I should hang this on my fridge haha :). Thanks!

kstep kstep, 16:48 18 Mar 13

Update: code 451 (unavailable for legal reasons), see

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