Client Server Model
HTTP Request, Response
HTTP Request format­,me­tho­de..etc
HTTP Response


Elements Tags,A­ttr­ibutes
Styling Extern­al,­Int­ern­al,­Inline
Links <a>­,<i­mg>.....etc
Tables rel Tags,A­ttr­ibutes
Lists Unorde­red­,Or­der­ed,­Def­inition
Forms Method­,Ac­tio­n,Form Elements
Frames Diff Arrang­eme­nts­,Nested Frames
Basic Tags <p>­<h1­><b­>......etc
Events onClic­k,o­nFo­cus­,on­Loa­d,o­nCh­ang­e..etc

Qns:Create Resume
Course Regist­ration form


Introd­uction syntax­,html vs xhtml, xmlns Attrib­ute....etc
XHTML Different Doctypes 1.0 Strict, 1.0 Transi­tional, 1.0 Frameset, XHTML 1.1


Basics Variab­les­,St­rin­gs,­Con­dit­ional statem­ent­s,L­oops, Operators, Arrays, Dataty­pes­,Fu­nct­ion­s..etc
Form Handling Valida­tio­n,c­oll­ecting values­:-$­_GE­T,$­_PO­ST,­$_R­EQUEST
Server Side Includes include() ,require()
File Handling open,c­los­e,r­ead­,wr­ite­,upload
  restri­ctions on upload­,Saving uploaded file
Sessions Storin­g,D­est­roying
Adv Concepts Ajax,C­ook­ies­,da­tabase connec­tiv­ity,PHP XML DOM

Qns:-v­ali­dates the email address first then allows visitors to login to site if they are found in database.


Basic User input/­out­put­,Hash array
Variables My,Sta­te,­Loc­al,­Global
Imp of $,@,%....etc
Functions defini­tio­n,call, return, built in fns..etc
File open,close with various modes.
Other Pattern match, back refere­nce­,re­pla­ce.etc
system backti­cks­,sy­ste­m,e­xec...etc

Qn:Rea­d/write from/to file.



Basic New Tags,Input types,­Att­ributes
Drag and Drop draggable attrib­ute­,da­taT­ransfer Object­:-s­etD­ata­(),­get­Dat­a()­,cl­ear­Data()
Canvas <ca­nva­s>,­get­Con­text()
  context:- moveTo­(),­lin­eTo­(),­str­oke­(),­fil­lRe­ct(­).....etc
Web Storage diff with cookie­s,l­oca­lSt­ora­ge,­ses­sio­nSt­orage
Applic­ation Cache Manifest File-3 sectio­ns:­-CACHE MANIFE­ST,­NETWORK ,FALLBACK
Web Workers Use, Create &t­erm­inate Web Worker


Style Sheet Extern­al,­Int­ern­al,­Inline- Cascading oreder
Selectors Class,­Id,­Att­rib­ute­,Pseudo selectors and pseudo classe­s,G­rouping and nesting of
Font rel Properties and Values­,Sh­ort­hands
Text rel Properties and Values­,Sh­ort­hands
Box Model Margin­,Bo­rde­r,P­adding and properties of each
Table Border­,Border Collap­se..etc
CSS3-> Text Effects,2D &3D Transf­orm­s,T­ran­sit­ion­s,A­nim­ations

Qns; Using CSS3 create :Resume
Animated dock object­,Analog Clock, 3D Cubes, Stylish Menus, CSS Accord­ian­,Image Galler­y...etc

SQL Injection

SQL Basic concepts.
SQL Injection What is sql injn, First Order sql Inject­ion­,Second Order sql Injection

Qns:-D­emo­nstrate second order and Blind Injection


Basic list: slicing, tuple, dictio­nary, set: operat­ions, array: generator
  if...elif, while, ...etc
Modules and Packages Import­,Reload
File handling open,close with various modes,use of pickle
Class Inheri­tan­ce,­Ope­rator overlo­adi­ng,­ins­tance and class variable.. ...etc
Other functions, read from xml,lambda expres­sio­ns..etc


XML Vs HTML Differ­ences
XML DTD Extern­al,­Int­ernal
XML with CSS <?xml stlesh­eet...>
Entities refere­nce­s..&­l­t;< &gt; > ....etc
XML namespaces Name conflicts

Qns:DTD declar­ation of XML


How to? Intern­al,­Ext­ernal
Basic Variab­les­,St­rin­gs,­Con­dit­ional statem­ent­s,L­oops, Operators, Arrays, Dataty­pes­,Fu­nct­ion­s..etc
User Intera­ctivity Alert,­Pro­mt,­Con­fir­m..etc
Error Handling Try...T­hr­ow....C­atch
Objects Create­,ac­ces­s(using, rel Propertis and methods
Events Event handlers, Timing events...etc
Validation Form, Email....etc
Cookies, Ajax
Access and Manipulate HTML DOM Object­s,CSS

Qn:fac­torial of number, GCD, Binary equivalent etc


Basic Concepts syntax­,ready functi­on,­Sel­ect­ors­,Event Functi­ons­,Ef­fec­ts,­Fil­ters, Callback functi­on:­-with or without args
  Overriding the $-function ,Special Effect­s,HTML & CSS manipu­lation
Adv Concepts Ajax, Cookie­s,P­lug­ins...etc
Plugins Write own plugin, $.exte­nd(­),N­ame­spa­cing.
  JQuery UI Widgets
Ajax learn funs:-­aja­x,g­et,­post, load,a­jax­Com­ple­te....etc

Qns:create various types of JQuery UI Widgets


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Codiddle Codiddle, 12:05 14 Feb 14

This cheat sheet is garbage and some of it is wrong. An attribute is not related to an element, nor is it even close to the same thing. There is a distinct different between the two, especially when translating to XML. This sheet makes me angry, it's useless and it's wrong. The use of the word "tag" is very vague, and in some instances should be replaced with the word: semantics. Semantics simply means names, and is the case with HTML5. The person who created this didn't have a very good understanding of HTML at any level.

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