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Kitchen Reminders Cheat Sheet by SpaceDuck

All the small things I forget when in the kitchen.

Oven Temperatures

Gas MarkFahr­enh­eitCels­ius

Crumble Mix

8oz plain white flour,
5oz cubed butter at room temper­ature,
3oz soft light brown sugar.

Boiled Eggs

Soft boiled eggs3 Minutes
Medium to hard boiled eggs5 minutes
Hard boiled eggs6-7 minutes

White Sauce

2oz butter,
2oz plain white flour,
1 pint semi-s­kimmed milk.


Roughly 1 litre of stock to 400g rice.
Enough for 4 servings.

Basic Bread Dough

1 kg Strong bread flour,
625 ml lukewarm water,
3 x 7g sachets of dried yeast,
2 tbsp sugar,
1 level tbsp fine seasalt.
25 minutes.

Basic Pasta Dough

600g '00' flour,
6 large free range eggs.
Serves 4.

Metric to Imperial Weight

1 g0.0353 oz
1 kg2.2046 lb
1 Metric Ton0.9842 Imperial Ton
1 oz28.35 g
1 lb0.4536 kg
1 st6.3503 kg
1 cwt50.802 kg
1 Imperial Ton1.016 Metric Ton

Cups to Ounces

1 Cup (US)8oz
1 Cup (UK)10oz

Basic Pizza Dough

1 kg '00' flour or 800g '00' flour and 200g finely ground semolina flour,
1 level tablespoon fine seasalt,
2 x 7g sachets dried yeast,
1 tbsp golden caster sugar,
4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil,
650ml lukewarm water.
Gas Mark 6,
makes 6-8 medium/ thin bases.


100g plain flour,
2 eggs,
300ml semi-s­kimmed milk,
1 tbsp sunflower or vegetable oil.
Serves 8.

Victoria Sponge

8oz self raising flour,
8oz butter,
8oz white granulated sugar,
4 medium eggs,
Gas Mark 4.


4oz plain flour,
4oz wholewheat flour,
1 tbsp sugar,
2 tsp baking powder,
pinch of salt,
3 eggs,
450ml milk,
splash of vegetable oil.

Yorkshire Pudding Batter

175g plain flour,
2 large eggs,
Salt and pepper,
175ml milk,
110ml water.
6-8 servings,
gas mark 7.

Chicken Stock

1 cooked carcass,
2 onions,
2 carrots,
2 celery stalks,
2 bay leaves,
6 pepper­corns,
enough water to cover.

Beef Stock

2 kg browned beef bones,
3 onions,
Bouquet Garni,
2 leeks,
2 carrots,
1 celery stalk,
2 large tomatoes,
1 tbsp pepper­corns.

Vegetable Stock

2 carrots,
2 onions,
2 celery stalks,
1/2 fennel bulb,
Stalk from a head of broccoli,
2 tomatoes,
8 button mushrooms,
6 pepper­sorns,
Bay leaf,
3 fresh parsley stalks.

Fish Stock

1 kg fish bones and skin,
1 carrot,
1 onion,
1 celery stalk,
1/2 fennel bulb,
6 pepper­corns,
bay leaf,
3 fresh parsley stalks.

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Roderic mishin adrienne CITguy


Calum Calum, 10:02 28 Nov 11

How do I semi-skin milk for the Pancakes? ;)

SpaceDuck SpaceDuck, 07:34 29 Nov 11

Er! You threaten it with a blunt spoon until it gives you its leather jacket?

ShawnLou ShawnLou, 11:13 2 Jan 13

Don't know if you're in the UK; but here semi-skimmed milk is like halfway between full fat or whole milk, and skimmed milk (milk flavoured water!!!).
hope this helps.

YukonBrat YukonBrat, 11:41 24 Jan 13

I don't think you can do cheat section on cups to ounces. The conversion depends on the density of the substance. For example, 1 cup of sugar = 6 oz but 1 cup of flour = 4 oz;

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