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My JS notes Cheat Sheet by

My Javascript notes, stuff that I use often in the curent project I'm working on

For loop

let iterable = [1, 2, 3];
for­(let value of iterable) { consol­e.l­og(­value); }

Slice VS Splice

The slic­e() method retrurns a shal­low copy of a portion of an array into a new array object:­ice­([­begin[, end]])

The splice method chan­ges the content of an array by removing existing elements and/or adding new elements.
arr.sp­lic­e(s­tart, delete­Count [, item1 [, item2 ...]])

Chomp string

string = string.slice(0, -1);

Strings: substr VS substring­bst­r(s­tart, leng­th)­bst­rin­g(s­tart, stop)

Clonin­g/A­ssi­gnment­sig­n(obj1, obj2);
to clone:
let clone =­sig­n({}, obj1); // Though not sure if swallow or deep copy

"­Fal­sy" values in JS

+0, -0, and NaN

Array aggreg­ation

array1 = array1.concat(array2);

Array includes element


Case insens­itive compar­isson

(a, b) => a.toLowerCase().localeCompare(b.toLowerCase())

Logging companions


For something like:
consol­e.l­og(­'%cd[ o_0 ]b %s', 'color: #fa5732;', 'DATA');

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