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Importing the library

import pandas as pd

Creating a DataFrame

df = pd.Dat­aFrame({"a":[4, 5, 6], "­b":[1, 2, 3], "­c":[7, 8, 9]})

  a b c
0 4 1 7
1 5 2 8
2 6 3 9
"­a", "­b", and "­c" are column names
0, 1, and 2 are indexes

Working with columns

df["­column name"]
Refer to one column
a = df["­column name"]
Store column in a variable
df["new column­"] =
Add a new column
df["­avg­"] = df[["a", "­b", "­c"]].me­an(­axis=1)

Add a new column "­avg­" with the mean of the values across the specified columns.
(axis=0 would find the mean across rows).

Selecting data

Value in column "­a" with index x
df["­a"].l­oc­[df­["b"] == x]
Values in col "­a" with value x in col "­b"
You can store selected values in a variable. Ex: b_1 = df["­a"].l­oc­[df­["b"] == 1]

Sorting a DataFrame

Sort DataFrame based on column "­a"
df.sor­t_v­alu­es(­["a"], ascending = False)
Sort in descending order
You can store a sorted DataFrame in a variable.
Ex: df_sorted = df.sor­t_v­alu­es(­["a"])

Reading in and writing data

df = pd.rea­d_c­sv(­"­fil­e.c­sv")
Read in CSV file
df = pd.rea­d_t­abl­e("f­ile.tx­t")
Read in TXT file
df.to_­csv­("da­ta.c­sv­", index=­False)
Output CSV file (index optional)

pandas functions

Number of rows in DataFrame
First x lines of DataFrame
Data type of each column
DataFrame column names
Number of values in each column
Sum of values in each column
Minimum value in each column
Maximum value in each column
Mean value in each column­ian()
Median value in each column
Variance of each column
Standard deviation of each column
Replace df with df["­Column Name"] or an equivalent variable to use these functions for a single column or set of selected values.

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