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MOQ Mocking Library
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Normal Mock, Setup, Verify


//Creating a Mock
var mockRepository = new Mock<IInvoiceRepository>();

//Perform method setup
mockRepository.Setup(o => o.Save(It.IsAny<Invoice>())).Returns(true);

//Pass in the mock with the Object property
var invoiceService = new InvoiceService(mockRepository.Object);

InvoiceService.Create(new Invoice());


Verify the parameters for a call

var mockCalcShipping = new Mock<ICalcShipping>();
Invoice invoice = new Invoice();

mockCalcShipping.Setup(o => o.CalcShipping(It.IsAny<string>(), It.IsAny<decimal>())).Returns(5.95M);

mockCalcShipping.CalcShipping(invoice.ZipCode, invoice.Weight);

mockCalcShipping.Verify(x => x.CalcShipping(
It.Is<string>(fn=>fn.Equals(invoice.ZipCode, StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase)),

Stubbing Properties

//Stub property
mockRepository.SetupProperty(o => o.ConnectionString, "Test");

//Stub multiple properties
mockRepository.Object.ConnectionString = "Test";

Verify Times a Method was Called

mockInvoiceRepository.Verify(x=>x.Save(It.IsAny<Invoice>()), Times.Once());

Verify Getter Was Called


Verify Setter Was Called

mockRepository.VerifySet(x=>x.ConnectionString = It.IsAny<string>());

Throwing Exceptions

mockRepository.Setup(x => x.Save(It.IsAny<Invoice>())).Throws<ChangedByAnotherUserException>();

Mock Events

mockRepository.Raise(x=>x.NotifySalesTeam += null, new NotifySalesTeamEventArgs("jim"));

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