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Sublime Text 3 for Rails Cheat Sheet by

Setup for Rails development on OSX
rails     ruby     sublimetext3


Any command
Go to anything
Go to project
Go to symbol
Go to symbol in project
Go to definition
Go to line
Jump back
Jump forward

Splits & Tabs

Single column
Two columns
Focus group
Move file to group
Close other tabs


Toggle bookmark
Next bookmark
Previous bookmark
Clear bookmarks


Select word
Select line
Select scope
Select contents in brackets
Select indent­ation
Select tag
Insert line before
Insert line after
Delete line
Delete from cursor to end of line
Delete from cursor to start of line
Duplicate line
Join line
Upper case
Lower case
Paste with indent
Jump to matching bracket
Swap line up
Swap line down
Undo momement
Redo movement


Close tag
Wrap selection in tag


Advanced new file...
Change 1.8 hash to 1.9 hash
Toggle braces to do...end
Toggle do...end to braces
Toggle string <-> symbol
Beautify Ruby

Rails Navigation

List Rails models
List Rails controller
List Rails views
List Rails helpers
List Rails specs
List Rails javasc­ripts
List Rails stylsheets

Download the Sublime Text 3 for Rails Cheat Sheet

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PDF (recommended)

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