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Sublime Text 3 hidden shortcuts Cheat Sheet by

My Sublime Text keyboard shortcuts.
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Sequence shortcuts

⌘ + P file name selec file ↓/↑ (we are using it everyday)
#trick: open file with → (file panel will not be closed)

⌘ + K → K delete | → EOL
⌘ + K → delete | → BOL

⌘ + K → U convert to upper
⌘ + K → L convert to lower

⌘ + K, A show all Sublim­eLinter errors
| cursor

#SideB­arE­nha­nce­ments: File rename binding

#custom: SHIFT + F6 rename file ("c­omm­and­" : "­sid­e_b­ar_­ren­ame­")
Sublime Text custom key bindings for SideBa­rEn­han­cements

#Brack­etH­igh­lig­hter: My custom jump to bracket

Windows / OS X
CTRL + Keypad ← / F13 jump to {
CTRL + Keypad 5 / F14 select {cont­ent}
CTRL + Keypad → / F15 jump to }
Sublime Text custom key bindings for Bracke­tHi­ghl­ighter

Backbone Snippets

bm* Backbone model
bv* Backbone view
bc* Backbone collection
*get, set, fetch etc.

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