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Vim NERDTree Cheat Sheet by

NERD tree (4.2.0) quickhelp
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o: open in prev window
go: preview
t: open in new tab
T: open in new tab silently
i: open split
gi: preview split
s: open vsplit
gs: preview vsplit


o: open & close
O: recurs­ively open
x: close parent
X: close all children recurs­ively
e: explore selected dir


o: open bookmark
t: open in new tab
T: open in new tab silently
D: delete bookmark


C: change tree root to selected dir
u: move tree root up a dir
U: move tree root up a dir but leave old root open
r: refresh cursor dir
R: refresh current root
m: Show menu
cd: change the CWD to the selected dir
CD: change tree root to CWD

Tree navigation

p: go to parent
P: go to root
K: go to first child
J: go to last child
<C-­k>: go to prev sibling
<C-­j>: go to next sibling

Tree filtering

I: hidden files (off)
f: file filters (on)
F: files (on)
B: bookmarks (off)

Other commands

q: Close the NERDTree window
A: Zoom (maxim­ize­-mi­nimize) the NERDTree window
?: toggle help

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Luis Larrea Luis Larrea, 20:41 25 Feb 15

gt = next tab
gT = previous tab

john john, 16:06 28 Mar 16

Thank you Luis. These guys are so dumb...didnt even include how to switch between tabs.

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