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Google Spreadsheet - Formatting

Bold ctrl+B
Un­derline ctrl+U
Italic ctrl+I
Strike­through altsh­ift+5
Apply outer border altsh­ift+7
Remove borders altsh­ift+-
Apply top border altsh­ift+T
Apply bottom border altsh­ift+B
Apply left border altsh­ift+L
Apply right border altsh­ift+R
Format as currency altsh­ift+4
Format as percentage altsh­ift+5
Format as exponent altsh­ift+6
Format as date altsh­ift+3
Format as time altsh­ift+2
Format as decimal altsh­ift+1

Google Spreadsheet - Navigation

Move to start of row Home
Move to beginning of sheet ctrl­+Home
Move to end of row End
Move to end of sheet ctrl­+End
Move to next sheet ctrl­+s­hif­tPa­geDown
Move to previous sheet ctrl­+s­hif­tPa­geUp
Scroll to active cell ctrl­+b­ack­space
Find & Replace ctrl+F

Google Spreadsheet - Actions

Edit a cell F2
Undo ctrl+Z
Redo ctrl+Y
Insert time ctrl­+s­hift+:
Insert date ctrl+;
Fill range ctrl­+E­nter
Fill down ctrl+D
Fill right ctrl+R
Insert­/Edit comment shift+F2
Insert array formula ctrl­+s­hif­tEnter
Add new sheet shift­+F11

Google Spreadsheet - Selecting

Select column ctrl­+S­pace
Select row shift­+­Space
Select all cells ctrl­+s­hif­tSpace
Select active range ctrl­+s­hift+8

Google Spreadsheet - Misc

Save ctrl+S
Open ctrl+O
Make a copy ctrl­+s­hift+S
Print ctrl+P
Show all formulas ctrl+~
Switch to Compact mode ctrl­+s­hift+F
Chat shift­+Esc
Open docume­ntation (new window√† shift+F1
Show shortcuts ctrl+/
Activate ARIA/JAWS reader altsh­ift+~

Google Document - Navigation

Move focus to menu bar altsh­ift+F
Chat shift­+esc
Move to header ctrl­+a­lt+O then ctrl­+a­lt+H
Move to footer ctrl­+a­lt+O then ctrl­+a­lt+F
Move to next heading ctrl­+a­lt+N then ctrl­+a­lt+H
Move to previous heading ctrl­+a­lt+P then ctrl­+a­lt+H
Move to next heading [1-6] ctrl­+a­lt+N then ctrl­+a­lt­+[1-6]
Move to previous heading [1-6] ctrl­+a­lt+P then ctrl­+a­lt­+[1-6]
Move to current footnote ctrl­+a­lt+F then ctrl­+a­lt+E
Move to next misspe­lling ctrl+;

Google Document - Formatting

Bold ctrl+B
It­alicize ctrl+I
Un­derline ctrl+U
Supers­cript ctrl+.
Subscript ctrl+,
Copy formatting ctrl­+a­lt+C
Paste formatting ctrl­+a­lt+V
Clear formatting ctrl+\

Google Document - Action

Insert com­ment ctrl­+a­lt+M
Select all ctrl+A
Copy ctrl+C
Print ctrl+P
Save ctrl+S
Paste ctrl+V
Cut ctrl+X
Undo ctrl+Z
Redo ctrl+Y
Browser's right-­click options shift­+­rig­ht-­click
Compact controls ctrl­+s­hift+F
Increase paragraph indent. tab
Decrease paragraph indent. shift­+tab
Insert fo­otnote ctrl­+a­lt+F
Insert link ctrl+K
Find ctrl+F
Word count ctrl­+s­hift+C
Get defini­tions ctrl­+s­hift+Y

Google Document - Paragraph formatting

Normal paragraph style ctrl­+a­lt+0
Header style 1 ctrl­+a­lt+1
Header style 2 ctrl­+a­lt+2
Header style 3 ctrl­+a­lt+3
Header style 4 ctrl­+a­lt+4
Header style 5 ctrl­+a­lt+5
Header style 6 ctrl­+a­lt+6
Left alignment ctrl­+a­lt+L
Center alignment ctrl­+a­lt+E
Right alignment ctrl­+a­lt+R
Full ju­stify ctrl­+a­lt+J
Numbered list ctrl­+a­lt+7
Bulleted list ctrl­+a­lt+8

Google Presentations - shortcuts

Insert new slide ctrl+M
Move focus to menu bar altsh­ift+F
Copy ctrl+C
Cut ctrl+X
Paste ctrl+V
Bold ctrl+B
Italic ctrl+I
Un­derline ctrl+U
Save ctrl+S
Move down one screen PageDown
Move up one screen PageUp

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