Qlikview v10 file handling

New document Ctrl+N
Open Document Ctrl+O
Open Document on server Ctrl­+S­hift+N
Save Document Ctrl+S
Save Document as F12

Qlikview v10 selection keys

Open Current Selections view ctrl + Q
Back in selections shift + lefta­rrow
Forward in selections shift + right­arrow
Lock the object selection ctrl + L
Lock all selections ctrl + shift + L
Uock the object selection ctrl + U
Unlock all selections ctrl + shift + U
Clear (D­elete) the object selection ctrl + D
Clear (D­elete) all selections ctrl + shift + D

Qlikview v10 edit shortcut keys

Undo layout change Ctrl + Z
Redo layout change Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Remove Del
Activate All Ctrl + A
Find Ctrl + F
Advanced Find Shift + Ctrl + F

Qlikview v10 F Keys

Activates context sensitive help F1
Enters search mode F3
Activates the sheet tab to the left of the active one F6
Activates the leftmost tab ctrl + F6
Activates the sheet tab to the right of the active one F7
Activates the rightmost tab ctrl + F7
Save as F12

Qlikview v10 actions keys

Print document ctrl + P
Print as PDF ctrl + shift + P
Edit script ctrl + E
Reload data ctrl + R
Partial reload data ctrl + shift + R
Table viewer ctrl + T
Show/Hide grid ctrl + G
Open User Prefer­ences ctrl + alt + U
Open Do­cument Properties ctrl + alt + D
Open Sheet Properties ctrl + alt + S
Open Va­riable Overview ctrl + alt + V
Open Ex­pre­ssion Overview ctrl + alt + E
Properties of the selected object(s) alt + enter
Edit Module ctrl + M
Alerts ctrl + alt + A
Add Bo­okmark ctrl + B
More Bo­okmark ctrl + shift + B

Qlikview v10 set analysis identifiers

0 Empty set
1 Full set of all the records
$ Current selection
$1 Previous selection
$_1 Forward selection
Bookmark01 Bookmark ID or name

Qlikview v10 set analysis operators

+ Union
- Exclusion (first but not the other)
* Inters­ection (both)
/ Symmetric difference (either but not both)

Qlikview v10 set analysis modifiers

<Or­derDate = Delive­ryD­ate> Select only data where field1 = field2
<Field = {value­}> Select specific value
<Region = > Ignore the specific field
<Ye­ar=­{2000}, Region = {"U*­"­}> Two fields can be filtered, with wildcards

Qlikview v10 script edition keys

Go to line number in the script ctrl + G
List of keyboard shortcuts ctrl + Q,S,C
Co­mment lines in script ctrl + K,C
Un­comment lines in script ctrl + K,U
Add tab in script ctrl + Q,T,A
Pr­omote active tab ctrl + Q,T,P
Demote active tab ctrl + Q,T,D
Rename active tab ctrl + Q,T,N
Remove active tab ctrl + Q,T,R
Creates an autoge­nerated script ctrl + Q,Q
Opens Un­icode input utility ctrl + Q,U,I
Creates a script for reading jpg attributes ctrl + Q,J,P,G
Creates a script for reading mp3 attributes ctrl + Q,M,P,3
Creates a script for reading wma attributes ctrl + Q,W,M,A

ctrl + K,C means ctrl + K then ctrl + C

Qlikview v10 set analysis examples

sum(sales) or sum({$} sales) sales in current selection
sum({1} sales}) or sum({1} Total sales}) sales disreg­arding the selection or disreg­arding selection and dimension
sum({$­<Or­derDate = Delive­ryD­ate­>} sales) sales in current selection for a specific date
sum({1­<Region = {US}>} sales) total sales for region=US
sum({<­Region = >} sales) sales in selection with region removed (idem $)
sum({$­<Ye­ar=­{2000}, Region = {"U*­"­}>} sales) current selection but year forced to 2000 and region like U*
sum({$­<Year = {$(vLa­stY­ear­)}>} sales) sales related to a variable
p({<Ye­ar=­{$(­=ma­x(Y­ear­)-1­)}>} customer) returns customers who are possible for last year
e({<Ye­ar=­{$(­=ma­x(Y­ear­)-1­)}>} customer) returns customers who are excluded for last year

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DaveChild DaveChild, 10:02 28 Nov 11

Brilliant cheat sheet, fred! You're on a roll! :)

Thomas Geßler Thomas Geßler, 11:16 2 Jan 13

great stuff
but there is something import missing (an also a little mistake) in the QlikView Set Analysis Examples:

sum({1} sales}) .. only disregarding the selection (so not total)

sum({1} Total sales) .. disregarding the selection and dimension

maybe you can fix it

fredv fredv, 16:13 11 Jan 13


Thomas Geßler Thomas Geßler, 11:48 24 Jan 13

great stuff, thanks !
but please fix:
sum({1} sales) .. only disregarding selection
and please add:
sum({1} total sales) .. disregarding both selection and dimension

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