About Me

  • Dave Child is a geek from Brighton, in the UK.
  • Cheatographer since 22 June, 2010.

Me Elsewhere

1 Page
A guide to algebraic chess notation - how the squares are named, what the various symbols all mean, and how to mark up a game for sharing with other people.
2 Pages
The famed Couch to 5K running plan from CoolRunning.com, with a continuation plan for 10k runs.
2 Pages
A cheat sheet for works of the Bard of Avon, with approximate years of each piece.
7 Mar 14
5 Pages
A cheat sheet for the PHP standards from the PHP-FIG group.
2 Pages
A quick reference guide for PHP, with functions references, a regular expression syntax guide and a reference for PHP's date formating functions.
2 Pages
A cheat sheet for Wikipedia, including markup help.
2 Pages
Joining in NaNoWriMo? Use this handy sheet to keep tabs on your progress! Includes inspiration from a few great authors too!
2 Pages
A cheat sheet for making cheat sheets on Cheatography.